London Fashion Week: What I Loved!

It was that time of year again and London Fashion Week had arrived again!! Ive been catching up with the action from this years LFW and there was some amazing designs throughout the shows this year!

Here are a few of my favs!!

Emilia Wickstead
The elegance and sophistication in this collection is beautiful. I love the cuts, the shapes and the exaggeration. Its also nice to see a designer to show a little midriff which most people I find wouldn’t normally do and use the shoulders and arms as the main point.

Images from

Mary Katrantzou
I really enjoy looking at the work from Mary Katrantzou as the prints always work and flow in a way that they sit appropriately on the body. But this collections stand out for me are the amazing jackets and coats. I love everything about them! The silhouette that they create on the arms and the massive collars shouldn’t proportionally work but they do and they look incredible!

Images from

Min Wu
I havent heard or seen any work by Min Wu before but I really loved how everything was busy and outgoing. The collection looked as if everything had been done by working on a stand or playing around with fabric manipulation to create such good shapes! (This is something I should play around with more rather than sticking to pen and paper all the time!!)

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February 2017: Bottle Blonde

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Lots of the crazy days have been going on at BBhq we’ve had lots of orders going out and lots of things to make for upcoming amazing opportunity’ which I cannot reveal just yet! But when I can its going to be amazing!

We’ve been thinking alot about S/S17 and how we need to approach this with lots of exciting ideas in the pipeline!

Here’s a few snapshots of whats been going on in the past few weeks!

January 2017: Bottle Blonde

Been a while since my last post and that’s because we’ve been busy at BBHQ!

We’ve had a nice steady flow of orders coming through the worst month of the year for sales in businesses. We’ve also had the amazing Baddiewinkle in our monster jacket!! I haven’t really got much else to say work wise as i’d be repeating myself everytime but here are some images of the things I’ve been up to and of course Baddie!!

My skills have been getting stronger with adjusting patterns and manufacturing and I can’t wait to bring this to my final year at uni!



Updated CV

I have had a few spare minutes on my hands so I have updated my CV with all my recent updated work and industry experience.


January 2017: Bottle Blonde

Couple of weeks into being back at Bottle Blonde and  I am loving every second of it!! I am starting to see which area of the industry I would like to work in. I would be interested in working in pattern cutting or manufacturing.

We’ve had a few orders to get cracking on with which is great as January is always quiet for any business. I have even had a chance to get my hands into adjusting and creating patterns again!!

Been thinking a lot about new designs for S/S17. But your going to have to wait to see the outcomes on this as its all top secret for the time being but is going to be amazing!!


I am taking the chance to use this S/S17 as a project to prepare myself for my final year at Coventry University. As I know that my sketchbook skills are not my strongest I want to use this to get better and practice and find new skills to improve and better myself confidence with sketchbooks and research.

January 2017: Bottle Blonde

Hello January!! It is now a new year and a new start for the new year with taking my role back at Bottle Blonde. I have been really looking forward to heading back to Chloe and the gang over christmas as I couldn’t wait to get back onto the sewing machine, pattern cutting and being creative!

My first week has been really good so far. I feel i have gone back to BB HQ remembering everything required to jump straight back in and get going with the orders. Ive added a few images of some things i have done so far this week.

We have also had a meeting about S/S17 on Wednesday. I can’t wait to get designing, toiling and making samples for the new up and coming season at Bottle Blonde. I cannot wait for the opportunity for me to use my design skills whilst on my placement.
Here is a sneaky peek of the meeting room.


I really believe that having the chance to design, toile, sample my ideas is going to give me a huge chance to gain my confidence and skills ready for being thrown into my final year when I return to University. As I do not get the chance as much as I would like to in my spare time I can’t wait to practice my skills that I have already learnt and to improve more.

December 2016: JLR

So it is now my last week at JLR after the decision to leave. I have learnt so much at JLR over the past few months in various areas I never thought I would even be doing on my placement year. Everything I have learnt I can tell can really help me with my final year at University. I have a better understanding of what goes into making a business and branding yourself as an designer. From making contacts with companies to designing for the target audience.

Alongside this there has still been a lot to do at JLR HQ. Lots of belts came into stock which took days to count and sort into stock!

I have even had the chance to film and edit a video for the YouTube page and Instagram.

Here is the link to the video

How to personalise your bag

I have had a fantastic time at JLR and the opportunity has been amazing. I would like to thank them for making me feel welcome and apart of the team throughout my time with them.

JLR customer feedback!

Its not very often I get to deal with customers via email but it was lovely to receive some kind comments after me helping them.

I really do believe that thought my years at university so far and having to communicate via email as I now know how to communicate appropriately to customers and clients.


November 2016: Johnny Loves Rosie

Nearing the end of November and black Friday week is here!!

I’ve been helping this week getting new stock unpacked and orders for brands out!

Its been busy the last few weeks with big orders going out and big shipments coming in. This week we’ve had a lot of new stock for ourselves come in which has been very exciting and there’s lots of things I want!

I am in charge of the warehouse and as we’ve had a lot of good sales the past few weeks we’ve got low and sold out on stock which is great news! It has meant we’ve got some empty space and pick bins with a few products left in so I have arranged the bins accordingly to fit everything.

Thursday we had to launch on Silkfred Black Friday early as I had to manually update the price of each item as after contacting Silkfred directly they’re was no way there website could be updated in bulk.

Black Friday went crazy!! It started at a nice pace of orders coming in and then Louise Thompson from Made in Chelsea posted an Instagram post of our adventure calander and within 10 minutes of the post going live we had a handful of orders and it was from there where it went crazy!! We only had until 4 to get orders packed before the postman came and with trying our hardest we didn’t manage to get them all out but we did manage 73!!!
With a lot of the indepant learning we do across the 2 years at university I know this has really prepped me for what it is like to work out in the real world. Not asking what to do it what’s next but actually taking it upon myself to find jobs to do is something I would never have done! I’d always be to nervous to ask and just sit and wait for guidance but I feel like I am achieving much more by me doing what is nessacary. With me taking myself outside to sort the warehouse, adding products onto Silkfred without being told and even contacting companies to find solutions is something I would have never done until learning to trust myself and work independently.

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