This week’s hit the half way mark with my time at Johnny Loves Rosie!

Been running around like crazy learning how to process bar codes and work Amazon orders, processing the confirmed POS and packing and helping out everyone else.

Designs that have been done have been checked through and today started the amendments to hopefully push towards getting most of it finalised by the end of the week!

Also I got to choose some products off the website to send out for a special Halloween collaboration!

The team had a design meeting regarding our designs I have been spending the week amending changed and adding to the collection with other new ideas that have come up.

Along with some of the new interns we picked out all the accessories that needed to be picked out ready for the photo shoot upcoming on the Monday 10th October.

I was asked to assist in helping change some minor elements to the website and create a list of some of the items that needed new wording and also font sizes changed so that the website is consistent. Here is a before and after image.