Orders are getting more and more with the holiday season approaching which is great spending a lot of time processing and collecting orders to post.

We’ve had orders come through for Asos outlet which I have been boxing up and bar coding ready to be shipped out!

QVC huge order has come back with reworking to be done spending a lot of time working on this with the team. Below is a couple of images that I have taken with some of the reworked QVC boxes.

We have also had delivery’s come in for Asos that we are preparing to get sent out to them as well! These next few weeks we have some big and exciting shipments coming in and going out.

I prepared a lot of paperwork for this with sorting out packing lists for boxes and bar codes for each individual product.

We finalised some more designs this week and I collected them all together and put into a file and sent off to the factory to have samples made.

We’ve had a lot of customer requests lately and these get passed on to me I have had to keep myself professional and email appropriately back to the customers to help solve the issues\enquires.

I have also been in charge of helping pack the Lipsy order and also getting this ready for collection. I have created packing lists to the instructions, stuck on ready for dispatching to our client.