Sharing with you a quick reflection of how I feel my time throughout Bottle Blonde and Johnny Loves Rosie can help me within my final year at Coventry University.

Bottle Blonde

Bottle Blonde helped me understand how much the pressure can be switched on with a blink of an eye and how you need to keep cool, calm and collected when the tough times roll in. With orders creeping in everyday with 6-7 new orders to be pattern cut, sewn, finished and packed for delivery. It was hard to try and manage your time effectivity. With practice and getting used to it the easier it became and this is a good way to have been able to experience. As I can only imagine that the pressure can be insane as times and I’m quick to loose my temper and that gets you no where!

Johnny Loves Rosie

Whilst working on the design section of the team. The best thing I learnt and what I know I will take on throughout my designing career is the clearer the design the easier for the butyer etc to understand. I understood before that my designs have to be clear but having to work with the factory and seeing that they struggled to understand the previous designers designs and samples being made wrong because of this is something that causes massive troubles. I think when designing my final collection the clearer I am with expressing my ideas and my vision the clearer everyone else will feel the vibe and understand my point of view. There is nothing worse than seeing your hard work not being understood after spending all that time working on it!!

On the buying side, working with company’s is to always come across professional ( I know that’s obvious) but one wrong word or sentence could put them off the brand! Never say or do anything that could damage the brand or your reputation to the brand. This has help me understand that when it comes to creating a name for myself that I should stick to who I am so I am fully aware of the brand and can talk with confidence and passion about what I’m trying to create and represent because having no confidence in what your saying about your designs or brand can show lack of interest and not understanding what your trying to show.