So it is now my last week at JLR after the decision to leave. I have learnt so much at JLR over the past few months in various areas I never thought I would even be doing on my placement year. Everything I have learnt I can tell can really help me with my final year at University. I have a better understanding of what goes into making a business and branding yourself as an designer. From making contacts with companies to designing for the target audience.

Alongside this there has still been a lot to do at JLR HQ. Lots of belts came into stock which took days to count and sort into stock!

I have even had the chance to film and edit a video for the YouTube page and Instagram.

Here is the link to the video

How to personalise your bag

I have had a fantastic time at JLR and the opportunity has been amazing. I would like to thank them for making me feel welcome and apart of the team throughout my time with them.