November 2016: JLR

Orders are getting more and more with the holiday season approaching which is great spending a lot of time processing and collecting orders to post.

We’ve had orders come through for Asos outlet which I have been boxing up and bar coding ready to be shipped out!

QVC huge order has come back with reworking to be done spending a lot of time working on this with the team. Below is a couple of images that I have taken with some of the reworked QVC boxes.

We have also had delivery’s come in for Asos that we are preparing to get sent out to them as well! These next few weeks we have some big and exciting shipments coming in and going out.

I prepared a lot of paperwork for this with sorting out packing lists for boxes and bar codes for each individual product.

We finalised some more designs this week and I collected them all together and put into a file and sent off to the factory to have samples made.

We’ve had a lot of customer requests lately and these get passed on to me I have had to keep myself professional and email appropriately back to the customers to help solve the issues\enquires.

I have also been in charge of helping pack the Lipsy order and also getting this ready for collection. I have created packing lists to the instructions, stuck on ready for dispatching to our client.



Reflection of the journey so far!

Sharing with you a quick reflection of how I feel my time throughout Bottle Blonde and Johnny Loves Rosie can help me within my final year at Coventry University.

Bottle Blonde

Bottle Blonde helped me understand how much the pressure can be switched on with a blink of an eye and how you need to keep cool, calm and collected when the tough times roll in. With orders creeping in everyday with 6-7 new orders to be pattern cut, sewn, finished and packed for delivery. It was hard to try and manage your time effectivity. With practice and getting used to it the easier it became and this is a good way to have been able to experience. As I can only imagine that the pressure can be insane as times and I’m quick to loose my temper and that gets you no where!

Johnny Loves Rosie

Whilst working on the design section of the team. The best thing I learnt and what I know I will take on throughout my designing career is the clearer the design the easier for the butyer etc to understand. I understood before that my designs have to be clear but having to work with the factory and seeing that they struggled to understand the previous designers designs and samples being made wrong because of this is something that causes massive troubles. I think when designing my final collection the clearer I am with expressing my ideas and my vision the clearer everyone else will feel the vibe and understand my point of view. There is nothing worse than seeing your hard work not being understood after spending all that time working on it!!

On the buying side, working with company’s is to always come across professional ( I know that’s obvious) but one wrong word or sentence could put them off the brand! Never say or do anything that could damage the brand or your reputation to the brand. This has help me understand that when it comes to creating a name for myself that I should stick to who I am so I am fully aware of the brand and can talk with confidence and passion about what I’m trying to create and represent because having no confidence in what your saying about your designs or brand can show lack of interest and not understanding what your trying to show.

November 2016: JLR

First week of November has approached us and my time at Johnny Loves Rosie was suppose to come to an end but I have been asked to stay on and continue my time with them but instead of design, i am now a buying assistant. What i have learnt so far has been extremely interesting with liaison with the factory regarding order, selecting the orders to go to big clients and stores.

We had a problem with on of our orders that was recently sent to River Island. Where our factory had produced the advent calendars and they were incorrect to be precise 300 of them. On this occasion with Christmas creeping up we offered our services got more advent boxes and heading down to London to correct the order at River Island offices.

I have also been in charge of updating Silkfred with new product and Little Black Dress and since doing so out sales on this websites have improved from just a few orders a week to multiple orders a day.

I have also been in contact with Lipsy sending and editing images to be uploaded onto the website of our new collection coming out.

I also have had to chase the factory up regarding missing parts of recent shipment this meant that I had to go back through check quantities then contact the factory to try and solve this issue which is now being investigated.

October 2016: JLR

Quiet start to the week sorting out orders and uploading new product into Silkfred and Little Black Dress.

Had a discussion with the factory for pricing for mailing bags for the company working put sizes and prices.

Thursday a big 73 box delivery arrived to us with new Christmas product to send to QVC. Once we started opening it we found that the products needed to be reworked as they had discount cards in which they do not accept, so w had no choice but to spend Thursday and Friday working through reworking the product it was all suppose to be finished Friday but as there is so much to do we are going to have to work on collection day to get it done.

Here is the QVC order, finished and waiting on pallets for collection to the clients warehouse.


October 2016:JLR

It’s been a busy few weeks in JLR HQ.

We’ve had a photoshoot I had to pick products and set up for

I started working on our online Silkfred shop and using my initiative to create a spread sheet of all products on there and updating when orders are in so I know when to take off items.

There has been lots more packing for gifts and collaborations this week some blogger christmas gifting and also 100 items to be packed for the Candy Kittens December Box.

Helped out Vicky with creating and taking images for our Johnny Loves Rosie Instgram, here’s how one of the images tuned out.



I’ve started to help out our buyer Abi its great because I’m getting to work with her pack orders to ship to our clients. Alongside working with her I’m getting to liaise with our factory and also with clients at Lipsy.

September / October 2016: JLR Design Work

I just wanted to share some of my design work that I have been working on for Johnny Loves Rosie.
Although I can’t show you it all here are a few things I have designed throughout my time so far!

Here is a selection of hair accessories, badges and statement jewellery.

October 2016: JLR

This week’s hit the half way mark with my time at Johnny Loves Rosie!

Been running around like crazy learning how to process bar codes and work Amazon orders, processing the confirmed POS and packing and helping out everyone else.

Designs that have been done have been checked through and today started the amendments to hopefully push towards getting most of it finalised by the end of the week!

Also I got to choose some products off the website to send out for a special Halloween collaboration!

The team had a design meeting regarding our designs I have been spending the week amending changed and adding to the collection with other new ideas that have come up.

Along with some of the new interns we picked out all the accessories that needed to be picked out ready for the photo shoot upcoming on the Monday 10th October.

I was asked to assist in helping change some minor elements to the website and create a list of some of the items that needed new wording and also font sizes changed so that the website is consistent. Here is a before and after image.





September 2016: JLR

Spent this week working on some prints for S\S17 here’s a little sneak peak of it so far.Alongside this its been a busy week working towards S\S17 sorting and organising delivery and the warehouse.

Sorting out the orders is one of my jobs everyday picking, packing and getting ready for collection. I had an exciting package to pack and send off to a cast member of Made In Chelsea. Here’s the note I sent along in the box!

We’re having a photo shoot taking place in the 10th October 2016 and we have been looking for a makeup artist and hair dresser to come along and join us for the shoot so I took it upon myself to search and I managed to find a graduate student in hair and makeup that I went to college with so approached her with the details and now waiting to find out if my search has payed off!

As well this week I have been in charge in going through all the weeks magazines and checking to see if we are involved in any features and we were! A few of our hair accessories were in Stylist Magazine.




Exciting things are happening!!!

Just a normal day at JLR organising the daily orders and designing and finding inspiration for S/S17 when I was asked by CEO Victoria of Johnny Loves Rosie to have a look at some if our designs would be suitable to send to  Asos had just sent through there moodboard for S/S17 and some of the product designed would work well.

After having a look we had quiet a few pages of designs more than we thought that worked well with there inspiration board. The team went through them and I was lucky enough to have them choose some of my designs have been selected and sent to Asos!!

This is such an achievement for myself and I can’t to hear there thought and feedback!

This is defiantly steps towards the right direction!

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