Nearing the end of November and black Friday week is here!!

I’ve been helping this week getting new stock unpacked and orders for brands out!

Its been busy the last few weeks with big orders going out and big shipments coming in. This week we’ve had a lot of new stock for ourselves come in which has been very exciting and there’s lots of things I want!

I am in charge of the warehouse and as we’ve had a lot of good sales the past few weeks we’ve got low and sold out on stock which is great news! It has meant we’ve got some empty space and pick bins with a few products left in so I have arranged the bins accordingly to fit everything.

Thursday we had to launch on Silkfred Black Friday early as I had to manually update the price of each item as after contacting Silkfred directly they’re was no way there website could be updated in bulk.

Black Friday went crazy!! It started at a nice pace of orders coming in and then Louise Thompson from Made in Chelsea posted an Instagram post of our adventure calander and within 10 minutes of the post going live we had a handful of orders and it was from there where it went crazy!! We only had until 4 to get orders packed before the postman came and with trying our hardest we didn’t manage to get them all out but we did manage 73!!!
With a lot of the indepant learning we do across the 2 years at university I know this has really prepped me for what it is like to work out in the real world. Not asking what to do it what’s next but actually taking it upon myself to find jobs to do is something I would never have done! I’d always be to nervous to ask and just sit and wait for guidance but I feel like I am achieving much more by me doing what is nessacary. With me taking myself outside to sort the warehouse, adding products onto Silkfred without being told and even contacting companies to find solutions is something I would have never done until learning to trust myself and work independently.